creature comforts

Creature Comforts

I have spices now. One of my favorite friends took me on a field trip to Savory Spice shop this week. She had never been and she knew I need to stock up so it was somewhat mutually beneficial but I reaped the most reward. Not only did I replace my supply of herbs and spices, but I also had the benefit of her care and advice. She seemed to know that I was thinking it was time to be fine and assured me it was not. She’s no stranger to navigating grief so her counsel holds a lot of weight and her delivery cuts right to the point and is filled with compassion and humor. Once again, I find myself in awe of the rich friendships I’m blessed with.

Not being the spice enthusiast I am, she found it particularly amusing, hilarious even, that the first thing I reached for was a jar of whole Grenada nutmeg. She said something like, “You have nothing (in the way of spices) and this is the first thing you get”, then asked me what I use it for. I explained that freshly grated nutmeg was really important if you’re making a bechamel or even just homemade mac and cheese for your family. She sort of smiled and nodded, stopped short of patting me on the head and we moved on with our shopping. She was a little overwhelmed by the selection, I was in my element.

It got me thinking, what’s your whole Grenada nutmeg? What creature comforts make you feel most like you? I really felt better after lining my cupboard with the spices I need to make my favorite recipes. I still don’t really feel like cooking much but that will come back. (I may be a little depressed, it would be weird if I wasn’t). I’m interested in your feedback here though because I think it’s cool to recognize what makes us all tick. You might even be surprised when you ask yourself the question…

What creature comforts do I need to get back to myself when I’ve lost everything or I’m simply feeling lost?

Leave your answers in the comments section.

Aside from proper spices, mine include warm socks, strong coffee, a really nice purse, and quality skin care products, just to name a few.

Much love to you as we enter Valentine’s week. If you want an actual recipe and a really sweet Ella story, check out this Love Day post.

Sweethearts Ella and Scooter