August Check-In

Hello lovely people! I just thought I’d let you know I’m taking a break from the blog until the fall. August and September are hectic as we prepare to get the girls back to school and try to soak up as much summer as we can get before it’s gone, so I decided to take the weekly blog posts off my plate.

I am still cooking a lot and taking photos for the cookbook. It’s been so much fun revisiting old recipes from the Treehouse and adapting them so we can all enjoy them at home! I hope to finish early next year.

You can still find me active over on my Locals community where I try to post daily. I’m giving some sneak peeks from the cookbook over there, along with other fun content.

I hope you can take at least one thing off your list for the rest of the summer. Make it significant. Something that, when you come back to it, you’re ready to bring in renewed energy.

I’m excited to return in the fall with new recipes. It’s my favorite season for baking and cooking up cozy meals. I’m aiming to create new dishes that are both healthy and comforting for busy weeknights, as well as some special holiday treats.

Until then, take really good care of yourself! Be well and stay strong.


When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

Jimi Hendrix


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