Hi, it’s me, Molly (aka Auntie). Emboldened by the full moon, a relatively free Saturday, and lots of coffee I’ve decided to pursue a 10-day “Blogging: Branding and Growth” challenge from WordPress. My first task is to set three goals and post them for all to see. It’s rare for me not to include a recipe in a post but I thank you in advance for indulging me and reading through my goals, for whatever it’s worth to either one of us.

This first goal is excruciating for me which is why it must be first. Here goes. To push past my fears and promote my body of work by asking you, dear reader, to please follow my blog and maybe even tell your friends about it. That makes my body literally shudder and my stomach flip out a little. The fact is, though, being passive gets you nowhere, you have to ask for what you want in life, and I would give this advice to my best friends so I should take it myself. I’ve been at it almost six years, I think I must have at least a little good content to promote. You can sign up by clicking on either the “Subscribe” option on the lower right side of the page or the one in the box that pops up. You may also sign up to follow me on social media sites if you are so inclined. Please and thank you 🙏.

Okay, now for the easier goals. It is my passion and intention to provide detailed instruction to teach and demystify the cooking process because I really believe the ability to nourish ourselves is essential to our well-being. I think sometimes I get a little too creative and miss the mark by posting recipes that are too time-consuming or have too many ingredients. My second goal moving forward is to offer some more basic, time-saving recipes with fewer ingredients. I welcome you to make any suggestions or requests in the comments section. I really would love your input so my work can benefit you!

My third goal is a bit loftier but it’s something I really want to do and  I’ve received enough encouragement from friends and family to seriously consider it. It is to pull together content that already exists on the blog as well as future content to write and publish a cookbook. Hopefully, I can follow through on goal #1 and have a large audience to promote it when it comes time.

Honestly, I will continue to post instructional recipes regardless of how many followers I have. In the end, my daughters, nieces, nephews, and other family members will enjoy having the family recipes and stories and that’s why I created this blog in the first place. I would love to expand the community though and truly appreciate your readership.



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