Strawberry Pie Bars with Dark Chocolate

Happy Sunday! I’m going to open with a smallish rant as I’m currently laid up with an injured knee which has most inconveniently interfered with my past week and threatens to put a quite a damper on my upcoming plans. 

Here goes… If you are walking your dog on the river trail in my town, or your town, or any trail, street, or pathway in any town, and there is a leash law, please know it actually does apply to you and your dog as much as it does me and my dogs and there are actual reasons for said law. Oh, your dog is the sweetest, smartest, best-behaved pet that ever lived and always listens and comes when called? Congratulations, but it still applies. Because here’s the thing, there are actually other people and dogs in the mix. Some of those people might be on bicycles and a wandering dog can make for a perilous or at least nerve-wracking situation for the cyclist (In case you don’t know me, this is not how I hurt my knee, I’m no cyclist – and I’ll save that rant for another day 😂). Others may be truly terrified of your dog, cuddly and cute as he is, or have small children who are fearful (or just easily knocked over). We encountered the sweetest little neighbor girl recently who was afraid to cross the street until I assured her and her mom that my leashed labradors and I would stay put until they were at a safe distance. As dog lovers, we may not understand the fear, but we can respect it. And, lastly, the real reason for my rant, dogs that are on leashes often act out and run backward popping their owner’s knee when approached by an off-leash dog that’s running at them. It was an accident, yes, but frankly, one that was waiting to happen. I won’t pretend I’ve never been a guilty party (although in less traveled areas) so this is a reminder to myself as well. I’ll step off my soapbox now and get on to the good stuff.

Scooter and Scout on the trail

I’m making the best of what I’d hoped to be a highly productive day by bringing you instructions for delicious strawberry pie bars. So it will still be productive, just in a couch potato kind of way. I’ve also discovered the Cozi app so I’m keeping busy making lists for my family members to complete. They feel bad for me because my valiant effort to play in a golf tournament with them yesterday (thinking my knee was better) ended with my screeching in pain at the ninth hole. It was very dramatic – thank goodness they were the only witnesses. To be clear, I’m no golfer either so I had no business being out there on a good day, much less with an injury.

I should warn you, there are a few different stages to making these strawberry pie bars so they don’t exactly fall into the “quick and easy” category. They are, however, relatively simple if you follow instructions and plan your time accordingly. Most importantly, the end result provides major satisfaction. They are perfect for a large gathering, potluck, bbq, block party, camping trip, etc., as they travel well and don’t require anything more than a napkin to eat them. Of course, you may omit the chocolate chips and the vanilla bean but I really like the flavors they add with the strawberries. You can find vanilla beans at most grocery stores these days, I buy mine at Costco. If you haven’t had pie bars before (or even if you have), you are in for a treat!

Strawberry Pie Bars with dark chocolate

(Makes about 18 bars)

*strawberry filling

2 cups sugar

1/3 cup cornstarch

1 cup water

1 cup strawberries, crushed/pureed (the riper, the better)

1 tablespoon lemon juice


3 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 cups butter, chilled and sliced

1 vanilla bean (optional)

additional ingredients

4 cups strawberries, sliced

1 cup dark chocolate chips or chunks (I use Ghiradelli buttons)

*The Strawberry Filling may be made up to a week ahead of time and refrigerated. 

make the filling

Rinse and stem strawberries then crush or puree enough to yield one cup. (I’m using a muddler – worked great).

strawberry pie bars

In a large saucepan, combine sugar and cornstarch with a wire whisk until fully combined.

strawberry pie bars

Slowly, to avoid clumps, stir in water then strawberries and place over medium heat, stirring often until the sugar is dissolved.

strawberry pie bars

Increase heat to medium/high and bring to a boil. Allow the mixture to boil until it thickens, with all that cornstarch, this should only take about 5 minutes, maybe less.

strawberry pie bars

It should be thick enough to easily coat a spoon without slipping off.

strawberry pie bars

Transfer the filling into a mason jar or other heat-proof glass container. Allow it to cool completely while you prepare the crust. It will get pretty thick, similar to jam, as it cools. It may be made up to a week ahead of time and kept refrigerated.


make the crust

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

In the work-bowl of a food processor or a large mixing bowl, combine flour, sugar, and salt. If you are using a vanilla bean, split it down the middle with a small, sharp knife then scrape out the seeds with a small spoon or flat knife. Add the seeds to the flour mixture and pulse with the food processor or whisk briskly until well combined.

strawberry pie barsstrawberry pie bars

strawberry pie bars

Chop cold butter (you want to keep it chilled up to this point) and add it to your work bowl. Add half (3/4 cup) the butter and pulse in the food processor or blend with pastry cutter until well combined then add the remaining half of the butter and repeat.

strawberry pie bars

The mixture should be crumbly but easily moldable when pressed in the pan.

strawberry pie bars

Divide the crust mixture in half and reserve one half in the refrigerator to use as a topping.

strawberry pie bars

Press the remaining half of the crust mixture into a 9-inch x 13-inch Pyrex baking pan to completely cover the bottom and come up the sides just slightly.

strawberry pie barsstrawberry pie bars





Bake for 30 minutes, until golden brown at the edges. Allow to cool while you prepare the next layer. (Leave the oven on, you’ll need it again soon.)

strawberry pie bars

Wash, stem, and slice strawberries.

strawberry pie bars

In a large bowl, combine the berries with the strawberry filling, stirring gently.

strawberry pie bars

Spread the mixture evenly over the baked crust.

strawberry pie bars

strawberry pie bars





Stir the chocolate chips/chunks in with the remaining crust to make the topping.

strawberry pie bars

Spread the topping evenly over the strawberry layer.

strawberry pie bars

Bake at 350 degrees F for another 30 – 40 minutes. The strawberry filling should be bubbling and the topping should be turning golden brown.

strawberry pie bars

Allow the bars to cool completely before cutting them into squares. In fact, I recommend refrigerating them until they are chilled and quite firm, then slice them with a hot knife to cut through the cold chocolate. They will hold together better and, in my opinion, the flavor is improved. Keep refrigerated while waiting to serve.




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5 thoughts on “Strawberry Pie Bars with Dark Chocolate

  1. What???? How come I’ve never even heard of these before? They look perfectly awesome! Do you suppose there will still be one around when I get done with work this afternoon?
    I’ll be happy to give you a pat on the head and bring you my knee brace❤️Sissy

    1. I’m sorry! No pie bars left – these were from a couple weeks ago and I just got to posting them. I promise to make them again soon though! I do have a fresh jar of raspberry jam for you – thanks for bringing the knee brace!

  2. These look delicious, Molly. I can see what you mean about easy but in stages. I just had a 4 boxes of strawberries that went into a jam and strawberry shortcake. I would definitely love to try this recipe if I can find any fresh berries. The season is about over here in Maine. I suppose one could use raspberries since they are the next fresh berry to take center stage. Have you tried this recipe with any other berry?

    1. Molly – These would work very well with raspberries! In fact, for the 4th I added raspberries and blueberries and omitted the dark chocolate with great results so they are quite customizable.

      By the way, I just read your latest blog post (witty as always) and I think these might help you with your potluck anxiety – forget the savory dishes, everyone loves dessert and there’s no chance for food poisoning :)!

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