summer grilling recipes

Summer Grilling Recipes

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Since, for many of us, this is the kickoff to summer grilling season I thought I’d share some of my favorite recipes focused on outdoor cooking.

Bob and I both love grilling. We like to use our Traeger for slow-smoking ribs and larger cuts of meats but prefer the gas grill for searing and cooking chicken breasts, steaks, and fish. I also really love to grill veggies, and I intend to do more of that this summer. The transformation that occurs when you take, for example, a zucchini, tomato, or bell pepper and allow it to cook over an open flame is amazing. Stone fruits like peaches and apricots can be fun to play around with as well (see the recipe below for Pork Tenderloin with Stone Fruit).

summer grilling recipes

Scroll through for ideas and step-by-step instructions for marinades, sauces, salads, and unique preparations for your favorite meat or fish.

I look forward to bringing you new recipes hot off the grill in the coming months!

I’m feeling a larger debt of gratitude than usual this year to the brave soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. Let us never take it for granted.

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