apricot jam

Apricot Jam

I’m becoming much more of an apricot jam person as the years go on. My best friend, Kelly, has always been a fan and I never used to understand why, but I’m getting it now. While I still don’t love it on a peanut butter sandwich (raspberry’s my favorite for that) it’s very tasty in many other applications. I really like to use it to enhance a
sauce for savory meats, especially pork and chicken, as a filling for a layer cake or cookie, and to make a simple appetizer as shown in the photo. Just take your favorite cracker, spread it with a soft cheese, like goat or brie, top if with a good amount of freshly ground pepper and a dollop of apricot jam and you have a fabulous little snack! It’s my new thing as of today. So, while I will certainly be supplying Kelly’s family with their share of apricot jam this year (they actually do eat it on peanut butter sandwiches!) I will be putting a couple jars to good use myself! I dare to suggest you do the same.
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