green curry chicken soup

Green Curry Chicken Soup

Wow, what a weekend! December is in full swing for our family. Saturday morning, the girls were in the Christmas parade downtown. Some very dedicated parents (not me, I totally slacked on this one) and teachers built an award-winning float for their school that the fourth and fifth graders got to ride on and belt out Christmas carols to parade watchers. They had a blast and they won the 1st Place Jingle Bell Music Award! Continue reading “Green Curry Chicken Soup”

simple chicken soup

Simple Chicken Soup

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Many of you will agree that there are few things more comforting than a bowl of chicken soup. Almost every culture has their own version that has been passed down throughout generations. I love to order the Sopa de Lima (lime soup made with lots of chicken) from our favorite Mexican restaurant and I often spice up my own chicken soup recipes with Asian flavors like ginger, Thai basil, and Sriracha. This recipe, however, is more representative of my own heritage. Good old fashioned chicken soup, American style, that is similar to what my own grandmothers would have made. Go ahead and add noodles if you like. I prefer my starch in the form of a large chunk of sourdough bread served alongside for dipping.

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