dinner rolls

Grandma’s Rolls

These are my grandparents on my father’s side, Robert and Ina McCallum. I didn’t know my Grandpa McCallum well. I remember him as gruff and senile and very intimidating but he was well into his nineties and I was only 7 years old when he passed so I’m pretty sure I didn’t get his best years. My older siblings and cousins have fond memories.

My Grandma McCallum, however, I had the privilege of knowing for 16 precious years and she personified everything a grandmother should be. I never heard her say a harsh word about anyone, she made every one of us feel like we were the favorite grandchild, and she was the best baker on the planet. She also had a devilish sense of humor, loved reading the National Enquirer, and would send us $5 bills on our birthdays. She really was perfect and I could go on and on but it’s almost Thanksgiving and we have work to do.

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