no-boil lasagne

Easy No-Boil Lasagne

I recently got to spend a weekend with some of my favorite people in the world and I was very happy to take them this lasagne to share. They were pretty happy about it too… Who doesn’t love lasagne?! My friend told me it may have been my best version yet so I promised her I’d share it here and show her just how simple this recipe is to make. With my multiples group, I participate in taking meals to families with newborn twins and triplets and this is one of my main go-tos. A lot of people sort of avoid it and try to  come up with less common dishes but I tend to embrace it. It’s cliche for a reason – it’s such great comfort food! I always try to keep from overindulging by serving a reasonable portion with an extra large serving of green salad. It doesn’t always work but it helps.

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