pot roast

A Perfect Pot Roast

The holidays are fast approaching and I am setting an intention to truly appreciate and enjoy every day with my family. I know, it’s kind of a tall order but a moment of grace at the girl’s bedtime the other night led me to a realization. As they were getting ready at a record-breaking slow speed, I found myself in an all too familiar state of extreme irritation waiting for teeth to be brushed,  pj’s to be put on, stories to be read and snuggle time to be over so I could move on to whatever I felt was so important at the time. I know those of you who have ever had small children to get settled for bed can relate because I’ve commiserated with many of you about it. As I struggled to calm myself down, I took a few deep breaths and then it hit me. This is it. My girls are almost 7 years old and although I’m looking forward to watching them grow into young ladies, they will never be this little again. The times we are sharing right now are what I dreamed about for years before they were born and will undoubtedly turn into some of my fondest memories. You could say it was my own “Cats in the Cradle” moment, albeit far less dramatic. So, I shifted my focus and truly enjoyed listening to Ella read the entire “A Fly Went By” book. Really, I did. And, since then, I’ve been able to keep that shift in focus for the most part. Sometimes all it takes is changing your mind.

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