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I’m expanding my brand! Sounds so girl boss of me, right? Lol. My daughters will cringe reading that, as they should. I’m no girl boss. More like a grown-ass widowed mom trying to reinvent her life and make a living boss. Hopefully, I don’t look too tired while I’m at it. No one will mistake me for a snappy young entrepreneur effortlessly TikTok-ing her way into millions of homes, and I’m just fine with that. Above all, I am aiming for authenticity as I grow, and I am quite incautiously optimistic about the road ahead.

Wit & Thyme came about when I was writing the cookbook Living Legacy: Stories of a Restaurant Family, which is also launching today. I wanted a fresh name and look to market retail products, which will include the book plus a few dish towels and tote bags to start things off. I intend to broaden the selection in time with more cookbooks, kitchen accessories, packaged spice mixes, etc., but you have to start somewhere, and the small (but awesome) selection is what I can handle right now.

I also plan to offer kitchen coaching. I’d love to teach clients the basics of setting up a kitchen and learning to cook an egg or more complicated techniques like perfecting a pan sauce or whipping up a beautiful Swiss buttercream. Stay tuned for more details. I’d love feedback on this idea!

Please check out the new website! A handy click on the menu will return you to AuntieChatter.com. As always, I’m excited to get cooking this fall and will keep posting recipes.

Thanks so much for the support, as I’ve completed the book and now begin this new chapter. I am excited for people to have access to all the recipes Chef Billy and I compiled for you to try at home. I encourage you to buy it from Roundabout Books here in Bend or on their website. You may also preorder it on Wit & Thyme for pick-up at my brother Pat’s place, Mac’s Restaurant & Nightclub in Eugene. Of course, I’m happy to ship anywhere in the United States as well!

Come see Chef Billy and me this fall for book signings!

(We only look a little different from the days of $4.25 Prime Rib sandwiches.)

Samples from a few Living Legacy recipes will be available for tasting.

Sunday, October 1st – Mac’s Nightclub & Restaurant 2 – 4pm, 1626 Willamette St, Eugene, Oregon

Thursday, October 26th – Roundabout Books 7 -8pm, 900 NW Mt. Washington Drive, Bend, Oregon


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