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Love Day… and Dark Chocolate Truffles

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A few weeks before last Christmas, my girls and I were chatting as we do, and the subject of what our favorite holiday was came up. I figured it was a no-brainer, Christmas, of course, for all three of us. After all, the excitement was in full swing; decorations had gone up, wish lists written, Santa seen. Hailey and I were quick to declare it the best holiday ever, and I expected Ella to chime in, but she surprised me and asked: “What’s the love day called again?”. Valentine’s day is her favorite holiday. I shouldn’t have been surprised because she’d expressed this before, but that was right around last Valentine’s day, and I figured, being a six-year-old, it was merely the freshest holiday in her memory. She stuck to it though, even amid the Christmas hype.

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