meat sauce

Meat Sauce – Instant Pot

I threw this simple meat sauce together in the Instant Pot a few nights ago and thought I should share it. Cause, you know, that’s what I do. One of the things I like most about the Instant Pot is its ability to marry flavors that otherwise would take hours, and, as much as I love making sauce on the stove when I have all afternoon to let it simmer, that’s not usually possible.

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angel hair pasta with artichokes and olives

Angel Hair Pasta with Garlic and Veggie Sauce

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I love making a sauce. A simple pan sauce or gravy, a long-simmering ragù, a creamy, cheesy white sauce, caramel, or chocolate dessert sauce… It gives me a deep sense of accomplishment. The following quick pasta sauce is no exception, and it’s particularly fun because it involves a lot of sauteeing, which means there are marvelous sounds of sizzling and lots of garlic which smells divine. 

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